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The Most Common Heat Pump Problems & How to Avoid Them
Air Conditioners are multitasking now a day. If you pick the air conditioner wisely then you don’t have to spend the money on buying heaters. Air Conditioner with heat pumps provides you the perfect cooling and when the winter comes you can get the soothing warm air. Also, a heat pump is the best energy-efficient alternative for air conditioners. Heat Pump provides the versatility and efficient cooling and heating system. It is a system like a refrigerator, which uses electricity to move the heat from cool space to warm space. The heat pump makes the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. But like all appliances, heat pumps can cause the problem while running. Here we are discussing the most common heat pump problems & how we can avoid them.
Heat Pumps are quite beneficial appliances to have. It is a low running cost system and also requires less maintenance and also it is more durable than any other air conditioning or heating method. But, unfortunately, like all the things in the world, heat pumps are also prone to fade or not working correctly if some major issue occurs. The question arises, how can we determine the cause of the problem and act accordingly??? If your heat pump is causing the problem then don’t worry here we will give you the solution to all problems, so, kindly just stick with us.
Most Common Heat Pump Problems and Solutions
Here we are discussing all the problems of heat pumps, so you can easily determine which problem you are facing and act accordingly.
Heat Pump not starting
If your heat pump is not working at all, it is due to one of four major problems listed below.
Faulty Thermostat
The most common problem is the thermostat. You must check the thermostat is working properly. Check your thermostat is indicating the right temperature. If everything looks fine that means inaccurate calibration might be the cause of this problem. Your thermostat stops communicating with the heat pump and causes it to shut down. You need to fix your thermostat from any professional.
Circuit Breaker Trips
This happens quite often to me. The first time I was perplexed my air conditioner is not working at all. I summoned the specialist. After hours he came just to raise the button of the circuit breaker. However, if the circuit breaker trips frequently that means the heat pump is causing it. Maybe your circuit breaker is not powerful enough to carry the load. You need the assistance of the electrician for the proper guidance.
Damaged Starter Capacitor
For this problem, you need your awesome hearing abilities. Start the heat pump and carefully listen to the sound. If the faint clicking sounds that mean the starter capacitor is the culprit. Starting Capacitor transmits the electrical charge when you On the device. If it is giving the hard time to provide the electrical supply that means you need a technician to solve it.
Heat Pump Not Cooling
If your Heat Pump is starting but not cooling at all then you might have some problems as listed down.
Faulty Reversing Valve
 As per the name, the reversing valve is the important component of the heat pump. It enables the heat pump to work as the heater and the cooler. Reversing Valve reverses the direction of the refrigerant to provide you the cool air and hot air. If it doesn’t work at all then you will get nothing. Once again you should check your contact list to find a good heat pump technician.
 faulty value
Thermostat Again
Yes, the thermostat can be the main culprit to not send the proper instructions to the heat pump. A thermostat is like the master always orders to comply and manage the operation. But when it gets naughty then you need the proper technician to make it tame.
 Dirty Air Filter
Do you clean your air filter often??? If the answer is no then you must. If the air filter gets choked with dust and debris then air will not pass through it and you cannot get the desired temperature. Air filters clean the air and provide it in the room. All the air passes through the filter so you must clean it often if the usage of the air conditioner is immense or you are living in the dust looming area.
Low Amount of Refrigerant
Yes, if the refrigerant quantity is low then it may cause a problem in the operation of the heat pump. The refrigerant usually disappears from the leak. If you are facing a refrigerant problem then you should bring a specialist to look for the leak. You should charge the fresh refrigerant after a year or two.
Heat Pump Unable to Heat
 Most of the heating problems are similar to the problem of cooling, like faulty reversing valves, low amounts of refrigerant; thermostats, and dirty air clean filters but one thing you should look for is smooth heating.
Blockage of Unit
In the process of heating, the heat pump pulls the heat from the outside into space. If the airflow is blocked by the snow or leaves or maybe from any other debris like junk then you can clean the heat pump yourself to clear the way of the outside air.
Constant Running of Heat Pump
 There are three main causes of the constant running of the heat pump.
Daunting Cold Weather
I want to remind you that heat pumps work gradually and not the extreme like the furnace. This is the probability in the aggressive winters, the heat pump works constantly to adjust the temperature, so it is not a sign of worry.
Thermostat Problem
 As I told you, the thermostat is like the master of the air conditioner. You give it the set point and it works according to it. Sometimes the thermostat is unable to give the desired outcome because of the breakage. You need to change or repair the thermostat.
Damaged Compressor Contractor
The compressor Contractor is responsible for providing the needed power to the heat pump. It decides how much power the heat pump needs. If it got damaged then obviously the heat pump cannot get the power and cannot run. You need a professional to change the part. 

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