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7) How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost??? All You Need to Know About Heat Pumps
Most of the HVAC products last for years, but you know the rule of this world, there is nothing permanent. If you are seeking the cost of the heat pumps then we presume unfortunately your old heat pump left you after many years of quality service. Just say rest in peace and move on for the next awesome heat pump. Yeah, it will make a little dent in your pocket but don’t worry the new heat pump will give you years of service. Your day has arrived to search for the new heat pump and you are lucky you came across the right page to learn about the heat pumps, heat pump cost, their suitable type, what to look for, and how you can prolong the life of the heat pump. So just stick with us so we will guide you towards the best heat pump for a durable time. 
What are Heat Pumps???
A Heat Pump can provide you with comfortable cooling in the summers and warm heating in the winters. Although heat pumps work similarly for cooling and heating, reverse valves change the flow of the refrigerant to achieve the heating and cooling of the air. It takes the air from outside and after conditioning, it blows inside. It takes the warm air from the outside and converts it to the inside. Similarly in the winter, the reverse valve changed the flow of refrigeration. Now it takes the cool air and changes it to the hot air then blows it inside through the fan. It contains two major parts one is an indoor unit which is installed in the indoor and outdoor unit or outer installed usually on the roof or outside the building.
How much heat pumps can cost???
 There are many factors in the pricing of the heat pumps. Heat pumps can be costly when they're filled with awesome features and new technologies. Good quality with advancement certainly impacts the price but unfortunately, it is not the only trait for the pricing. There are many more factors. The most important factor is the climate of the area. If in the searing summers you are going for the air conditioning heat pump when the demand for the heat pump is high then you should pay more. If you are living in a very chilly area then their demand for heat pumps is very low. The SEER rating and HSPF rating also make an impact on the price. The sizing makes a huge impact on the price. If you need less than 1000 square feet of heat pump then it will cost less than 2000 square feet.
Installation costs of the heat pumps also vary. Enhancing technologies also make the heat pump pricier. We are telling you all this so you can keep these points in mind to get an awesome and suitable device for you. If you go out for buying heat pumps you should expect to pay between 3000$ to 15000$. 3000$ dollars for a small heat pump with less advanced features but the heat pump will be decent. Of course, the maximum price is for the very advanced heat pump with the highest per square footage and power. Don’t panic, there are many friendly ways to pay the price. Just find the great dealer which will enable the lease to own options or rebates and tax credits. We believe this price is not too much because you can get the luxury for years from this price.
Which type of heat pump is suitable for me???
 There are three types of heat pumps. Let's see which one is suitable for you.
Air Source Heat Pumps
This is the most common type of heat pump. Air source heat pumps will extract the air from the outside and after the change, it gives the heating or cooling to your space. This is common because this is the most convenient option. This type has one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. You can run this system with electricity and natural gas.  
Ground Source Heat Pumps
 We also call this type the ‘Geothermal heat pump.” Very few use this type. Not because this is not worth it, this is the great type of heat pump and the most efficient also but the problem is: the installing cost of this system is very high. You should construct the underground piping loop system then you will get the heating or cooling from the heat pump. If you want to spend more on heat pumps then this system is perfect because it will take less energy and this is the highest efficient system of the heat pump.
Residential Small Packaged Heat Pumps
We also called it the windows heat pump. If you want to save on the installation cost then this type is for you. You don’t need to install the indoor and outdoor units because they both come in just one cabinet in this type. This is also a very convenient type of heat pump. But it is also a very limited type because just remember you need the heat from the outside to get the desired air.
How to prolong the life of a heat pump???
 If your heat pump wears down before your expectation that means you didn’t care for it properly. Everything needs the proper care for prolonged life. The same goes for the heat pumps. Here we are telling you about some beneficial points which will prolong the life of your heat pump.
1) This is the very basic rule of any air conditioning device; you need to check out the filter often for the smooth operation of the heat pump. Dirty air filters are the most common problem for getting the heat pumps faulty.
2) If you have a heat pump and you are feeling your heat pump is not working efficiently then it is most probably because of the ducts. Your duct must leak or choke. You need to check the duct regularly.
3) Clean the outdoor unit of the heat pump regularly.
4) Do preventive maintenance regularly by scheduling the maintenance with a professional technician. 

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