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Why does my air conditioner keep running after it has reached the set temperature?
With lengthier days and July heat, summer is lastly kicking into high gear. It can make even the greatest hard-working of us poor to sit straight under the AC and wait for Disney to make a consequence to previously frozen. While visualization you’re in Arendelle might help you cool off, if your AC rapidly seems to have Elsa’s frosty powers, it could spell distress for your HVAC system.
Unlike other HVAC faults, AC keeps running after it has reached the set temperature and can be caused by disappointments in nearly any part of the system. If you see ice or a layer of ice on your indoor unit, it’s clear that this is the problem. But indoor units are not always available. To avoid this from trendy to your AC, you need to know what else to look for.
Notwithstanding the ironic trend of an AC freeze in the summertime, air conditioners freezing up is something that occurs a lot. Not many homeowners are fortified with the information and understanding about air conditioners to avoid this problem on their own. It’s a problem that can turn a lovely summer day into a blistering hot one in minutes.
How can you tell if you might be facing a freezing problem?
A sure sign is to check the source registers. Is it warm? If so, that’s a good pointer of ice-covered evaporator coils. Open the panel and check for ice. Keep in mind, a lack of ice doesn’t essentially mean that you’re not consuming a freezing problem. However, seeing ice is pretty well an assurance that your AC is frozen.
Previously we investigated the causes of an AC keeps running after it has reached the set temperature, let’s talk a little bit about how your AC works. First, we must appreciate that disease is how much energy a particle has. When the air feels hot, it’s because the molecules in the air have a lot of energy and are touching around quickly. The same works opposite, cold air is included in low energy molecules. So, what the Joule-Thomson Effect validates in thermodynamics is when the air in our ACs isn’t trodden, its temperature will reduce as it enlarges and the molecules slow. When it is beaten, the molecules get thrilled and heat up.
The point of an air conditioner is to enlarge the refrigerant privileged the evaporator coil so that it cools down, so when it verdures the air conditioner, it cools the air inside your home and efficiently eliminates the hot air from inside the house. However, if something in the air conditioner breakdowns, the whole system gets disturbed. This causes the evaporator coil to permit the refrigerant to cool too much, producing it to fall below cold and ice over.
So, how can you avoid something in the cooling reckoning from going wrong? There are three main reasons that principal to an AC freezes up. By empathetic these causes, you can get out in front of them so you never have to know an AC keeps running after it has reached the set temperature. Plus, we’ve compromised how to fix each cause, so if you do have an unlucky AC problem, you’ll be able to fix it in no time. Keeping your air conditioner in countless shapes will help it run more professionally, saving you money on your energy bill, and keep it from flattering an eyesore.
Blocked airflow causes freezing up
Air conditioners need to have a continuous flow of air so that moisture can’t relax on the coils and restriction. To keep the air movement in your own house touching enough to not upset your air conditioner’s functionality, you need to be sure your air filters aren’t muddy and flattering clogged. This limits the airflow in your house. Air filters are cheap, and it’s best to change them regularly. Possession of your AC clean and tune-up is also a good idea for stopping airflow glitches, and other problems like AC keeps running after it has reached the set temperature. Plus, the United States Section of Energy gossips that altering your HVAC filter can recover the competence of your HVAC gear by 5% to 15%.
How to fix it:
Your AC is previously congested, and you exposed that your air filters were stopped. It’s probable a blocked airflow problem. The first thing you need to do is turn off the air conditioner and let it melt. After it’s had adequate time to thaw (1-3 hours), turn on just the fan for about an hour. Use this time to alterate your air filter. You can check out our object on how and when to change your AC filters. After that, your AC should be back to the usual working order. 
Causes for a Frozen Evaporator Coil
Two main things can cause your evaporator coil to halt. The first is a lack of airflow across the coil in general. Remember that there is refrigerant grace through the copper or steel plumbing that is intended to remove the moisture from your home. If there is no moisture to eliminate, or even if the airflow is congested for some reason, ice will start to grow. Second, your coil can freeze if there is a problem with the cooling system itself. Air conditioning units with a low level of refrigerant can freeze, and if this is the case that your AC keeps running after the set temperature has reached, your unit will need repairing.
Thawing at Home
The good news, however, is that you can usually melt your evaporator coil at home with a bit of endurance. First and foremost, if you notice that your air conditioner is frozen, merely turn it off. Now, you won’t want to melt it too rapidly because it could exceed the condensate drain and cause water injury. In order to melt it gradually, go to your thermostat and move the fan change from ‘Auto’ to ‘On’. This will force the heater air in your home over the ice to thaw it. You should never be desirous to use a blow dryer or a heating pad as this will cause the ice to thaw far too quickly.
If these steps resolve your air conditioning matter, then you can turn the unit back on and permit it to run as normal. However, you should call in a trusted A/C company to do the yearly upkeep on the system and check to see what is producing the problem.

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