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Which Air Conditioner type is suitable for you???
Most people think the Air Conditioner is just the provider of cool air. They don’t see the bigger picture. Air conditioner not only brings cool air but also conveys the many benefits. First of all air conditioners reduce the possibility of the asthma attack, also it prevents your appliances from overheating. The chances of dehydration become very slim when you spend time in the cool blessed air. It also improves your work performance and negates all the fatigue. Also, you don’t have to worry about any heatstroke. You can sleep better, work better and get better health from this outstanding appliance. Also, the air conditioner is the most affordable appliance, according to the survey, 75% of people are using this appliance. Air Conditioners are the easiest to get luxury and become a part of daily life.
Before taking this advantageous appliance, you need to know which type of air conditioner is suitable for you. There are many types of air conditioners but you need to consider some beneficial points before taking the appropriate type of air conditioner. There are many types of air conditioners such as windows air conditioners; mini-split air conditioners, central air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and many more. Yes, energy-saving and efficiency is the vital element to look for but for the best experience, you should consider some more traits like capacity or line of sight or power or space. Here you will get complete guidance on the types of an air conditioner.
Windows Air Conditioners
Windows Air Conditioner is the most used type of air conditioner and arguably the most powerful type of customary air conditioner. We recommend that if you have a medium room which is more than 300 square feet then you should get the windows air conditioner. One more benefit is that it is the easiest to install air conditioner type because all the components of the air conditioner come in just 1 box. The placing of the windows air conditioner is also an imperative prospect. We need a good space which looks towards the desired cooling area. You make sure that the line of sight of your air conditioner is not blocked.
As we stated that windows air conditioner is a powerful device you need the 5000 to 6000 BTU air conditioner for the small rooms. The room must be no more than 300 square feet. For more than 300, you need a medium-range windows air conditioner of 7000 to 8200 BTU. Medium ranged air conditioners can roughly perfectly cool the space of 300 to 420 square feet. For the larger rooms, like 450 to 650 square feet, you need an air conditioner of 9800- 12500 BTU. If you are rich and you have the room size of the entire hall then you should look for the 14000 to 18000 BTU air conditioner.
Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners
Ductless Mini Split is the most in-demand type of air conditioner. Ductless mini-splits will free you from the hassle of installing the ducts and sabotage the house. If you have ductwork already installed then this type is not for you. There are many multi-indoor unit mini split air conditioners, which means one outer can be integrated with the multiple indoor units of rooms. One more outstanding specialty of the ductless mini-split is: it is the best energy-saving type among others. Mini Split Air Conditioner usually hangs on the wall, thus the brand makes the most stylish units so it looks ravishing on any design of the room.
You need professional assistance to install this type of air conditioner. This type is more expensive than any other type but the humongous energy saving of this type will save you lots of money in the long run. This is less expensive than the central air conditioners but like the central air conditioner, it can give you the cooling to various rooms with multiple outers. However, like the central air conditioner, it cannot provide cooling to the entire house.
Central Air Conditioner
If you want the cooling or heating on every corner of the house then there is no better AC type than Central Air Conditioner. Central Air Conditioner merges the evaporator, compressor, and condenser in one single unit. This unit is usually installed on the roof or near the slab. If your house has ductwork then a central air conditioner is the perfect choice for you because it will give the desired temperature to every corner of the house. One more benefit of this type that it can combine with the heating coils or a natural gas furnace which are great methods to get the heating or cooling.
The Central Air Conditioner can cover up the huge spaces without any interruption. Ductwork is required in this type of air conditioner so you need the guidance of the specialist while installation of the system. The installation is costly and you need the proper ductwork for the uninterrupted desired temperature.
Portable Air Conditioner
 It’s all about the priorities if you opt for the cooling on the entire space then central air conditioners for you. If your priority is to get the best energy-saving option that can hang on the wall then the ductless mini-split is the right option. If you want the easy to install one box air conditioner then the windows air conditioner is at your service. But what if you need an air conditioner that can transfer easily anywhere you want at your home??? Yes, the portable air conditioner is the ultimate answer for that. Also, it is best when building regulations prevent you from the installation of the air conditioner.
One thing you need to know about portable air conditioners is that they are not the most powerful air conditioner than the rest. They cool the limited space. But you can move them wherever you want. If you need the cooling on the reading space or the sleeping bed you can easily move it to get the cooling. Many brands are making bogus portable air conditioners so it is highly recommended you purchase the portable from the trusted brands. Also, you need to see the storage space of the water created by the portable air conditioner. The more space you will get the less you need to throw the water away. 

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