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What is the SEER Rating in Air Conditioners and how we calculate it??

World is pacing towards advancement. Not long ago, air conditioners took lots of energy and cost you thousands for the cooling. All thanks to the technology now we can buy the air conditioner with the lower consumption and maximum output. After research and hectic work to create the energy saving device so we can save thousands of dollars, we should not forget and applaud the effort of makers. There are many factors involved in making the energy saving AC unit. All the factors combined to make the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER of the AC, the higher efficiency of the machine will be considered. Let’s know what is the SEER rating in air conditioners??? Which factors we looked for to calculate it???


SEER Rating


SEER is the measurement of the efficient energy used by air conditioners. The SEER rating is measured by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. It helps you to determine the efficiency of the Air conditioners and all of the regulated SEER rated air conditioners are legit. The Air Conditioners with the SEER rating of 14 to 22 are considered excellent appliances. More than 22 SEER ratings are on the exceptional list. SEER is usually measured in the BTUs (British Thermal Units) per watt-hour of energy consumption. As of now the highest SEER rating of the air conditioner is 32 achieved by the most advanced hybrid air conditioner.


Calculation of SEER Rating


Find out BTU and Energy Consumption


To know about the SEER rating of your AC Unit you have to follow these easy steps so you can acknowledge whether your appliance is energy efficient or not.


While purchasing the air conditioner, you must hear about the BTU of the air conditioner. As most of the salesman generally mentions the BTU of the air conditioner. If you don’t know about the air conditioner BTU then doesn’t worry. You can see the BTU mentioned on the air conditioner if not then on the user manual of your AC.

Now you have to find the numbers of watts used per hour by your AC. You can also see the value in manual or at the Air Conditioner that how much watt your machine consumes per hour.


Calculate BTU and Energy Consumption


To know the perfect SEER rating of your AC you should pick the peak months to calculate the hours of the running of your Air Conditioner. Usually, in the summers air conditioners work the most. Ensure that your AC worked at least 1000 hours in the summers. 1000 hours are roughly 125 days. Multiply 1000 to the BTU of the Air Conditioner.


Similarly, calculate the number of watts- per hour used in those thousand hours. Take the energy consumption is watts-hour and multiply it by 1000.


Formula of SEER Rating


 Formula of SEER rating is very simple but you have to extract the component of the formula. The formula is BTU consumed in 1000 peak hours divided by watt-hour consumed in 1000 peak hours. After diving the above mentioned BTU and Energy Consumption, you will get the perfect SEER rating of your air conditioner.

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