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Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners

There are many benefits of the Portable Air Conditioner. The main reason that you can get cool air anywhere you want. There is no limitation of the place like the central air conditioners. One more important aspect is to notice that Portable Air Conditioners come at lesser prices than any other air conditioner type. Most of the air conditioners make noise but most of the portable air conditioners are very quiet and you can use this in living space or workspace without any distraction. Traditional ACV takes lots of money for the purchase and also installation, but the best portable air conditioners are very affordable and also you can place it yourself anywhere.


One more awesome point is for the portable AC that it consumes less energy than the Air Conditioners or even inverters. Most people carry the false perception that Portable AC’s are not compatible with the big rooms because of less capacity to cool. Most of the great portable AC devices in the market proved them wrong entirely. You can also get the Portable Air Conditioner that can cover 1000 square feet room or hall. Here we are with the top 5 best portable air conditioners.


Honeywell HL14CES Portable Air Conditioner


Honeywell is the most prominent brand in terms of making Air conditioners and air purifiers. Their HL12CES portable air condition is the overall best conditioner in the market. It is the most powerful device with perfect efficiency. The SACC rating of Honeywell portable air conditioner is 8500 which is among the highest output in any portable air conditioner. The air conditioner is 76 pounds and you can place it anywhere at home. It is the larger model with great sturdiness. This is the single hose portable air conditioner with 14000 BTU cooling power. This is one of the models which show a no-drip sign and also it drains continuously without emptying the bucket.


This image is from Honeywell Store

Honeywell HL14CES contains the 3 in 1 technology. The cooling of this portable AC is awesome also it contains a dehumidifier that takes care of the humidity in your space. Fan only options in the winters can be adjusted at 3 speeds for ventilation. You can easily operate and install the AC. It is also an energy-saving option for you. HL14CES can cover the range of 700 square meters. So you can get the cooling for large space from this device.


Black Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner


Black Decker BPACT14WT is the most popular model in the world. The reason for the popularity of this awesome device is, it is competing with the greatest ACs and comes at half price. The cooling capacity of this awesome device is 7200 SACC. It is by far the best efficient portable air conditioner at the price range. It is just a 68.3-pound device which is the second lightest portable air conditioner. This is the fully functioning remote control AC with the environment-friendly R410a refrigerant. 4 directions vented airflow outlet makes it more efficient and durable. You can set the timer and also sleep mode is available in this portable air conditioner. This is the best portable air conditioner for your home.


This image is from CJP

At a very less price, this air conditioner gives the 3 in 1 function. In the winters you can avail the fan mode also fan mode is great for ventilation. The dehumidifier will remove the humidity from your space and 14000 BTU is providing you the perfect cooling.  


LG 14,000 BTU Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner


If you are seeking the most technologically advanced portable air conditioner then LG 14,000 BTU Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect device for you. You can operate this device through your phone and from Alexa. LG thinQ app will allow you to use your phone as a remote controller. You can control it through your voice because it is an Alexa enabled device. Apart from the technology controls, this great device is among the top positions in every aspect. The dual inverter compressor regulates the speed and saves up to 40% energy.

This image is from LG


This is an easy to move device you can place in your desired spot. LG Portable AC is a very quiet device, at the maximum speed it only makes the sound of 44 decibels. 3in 1 operation with a fan, cool and dry making it the all-rounder.  


Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner


One more popular air conditioner, Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner is very famous for its cooling. It comes with the heater too so you don’t have to buy a heater for winters. It is the big most strong portable air conditioner with a cooling efficiency rate of a whopping 11.2. As per the tests it consumes less energy to give the perfect cooling. Also, the dehumidifier in this portable air conditioner will eradicate all the humid particles from the room. In terms of efficiency, this is the best device.


This image is from Whynter

The 14000 BTU powerful capacity makes it suitable for the larger rooms. The heater of the AC will drop down the temperature very efficiently. The only drawback of this portable air conditioner is it makes 58-decibel noise which is noisier than other portable air conditioners.


Homelabs Portable Air Conditioner


One more affordable pick for you, Homelabs is also making great air conditioners at a very less price than any other AC maker. Like all the other great AC models this is the best cooling device with 14000 BTU which can cover 600 square foot room with ease. “Eco-friendly sleep mode” is the most beneficial feature of it, you can sleep with ease and the AC will monitor and maintain the temperature. Now you don’t have to awake again and again to set the temperature.


This image is from Pinterest

HomeLAbs Portable Air Conditioner can be managed through the remote control. Also, it provides extremely fresh air. The washable air filter is very easy to maintain and you don’t have to buy a filter again and again. Also, the filter indicator will remind you to clean the filter.

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