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Things to Consider Before Buying the AC Vacuum Pump
A vacuum pump is a compressed piece of machinery armed with hose connections, dials, and multiple outlets. But if you get over the preliminary entrance, they are easy to use.
So, before you go and get yourself a new AC vacuum pump, you should consider a few things. Figuring out the following information will be the key to getting the right pump at a reasonable price.
There are a lot of tools and devices that are compulsory while repairing an air conditioning unit. One such stratagem is an AC vacuum pump that permits you to get rid of any dampness and water from the AC unit that you want to service and repair. Although, before buying such an AC vacuum pump, you have to keep the following things in your mind:
  • Air Flow: The most significant thing to check before buying an AC vacuum pump is its airflow rating. It tells you about the quantity of air being moved in a minute that is given as 3 CFM or 5 CFM, where a higher cubic foot per minute rating results in better presentation.
  • Pump Power: You can also check the pump power rating to get an idea about its presentation while using such a vacuum pump. This mostly includes ¼ HP and ⅓ HP vacuum pump options, out of which the latter offers a better routine to the user.
  • Stages: While some pumps are 1 stage vacuum pumps, others might be a 2 stage pump. Even though both of these offer the same meaning, a 2 stage vacuum pump offers somewhat better cleaning performance due to its design and functioning.
Since these vacuum pumps are so convenient while servicing and repairing an AC unit, we are here with some of the best AC vacuum pumps. To help you in distinguishing between the different options mentioned in our Buying Guide, we have even declared their major features and options. Henceforth, you can go through this article until the end and buy the flawless one for you.

As we are debating a pump, the pumping volume is one of the most significant things to consider. The competence of the pump to generate a vacuum, the dimension comes in cubic feet minute or CFM. You can guess the number after a complete calculation.
You have to take the ambient temperature with other capacities like continuous flow rate, pressure, etc.
The fact is, nobody wants to go through complex calculations before receiving a pump, and you don’t have to. Still, there is some mathematics, but it is easy. Just the CFM rating of the pump needs to be greater than that of the unit.
Opportunely, all the vacuum pumps will ultimately reach the obligatory vacuum level, but if you want to reach that point directly, then check out the Ac weight and add 2. If you are working on a 2 ton AC unit, then get a pump with a 4 CFM rating.
Vacuum Level
Another rating you need to reflect is called the Micron rating. This rating designates the vacuum level shaped by the pump. No vacuum at sea-level will have a micron dimension of 760,000. Zero is the perfect vacuum. But you are not essential to have a perfect vacuum for your pump.
Look for a pump with a micron rating of at least 500. Higher is good. But you may also find attainment of a higher vacuum level is problematic. In that case, remember that if you are getting one for home use then, 500 to 700 micron is enough. For specialized use, you may want to go higher.
Weight is an important factor but not the most important one. You will not be required to hold these machines; so, it doesn’t matter much. But if you are carrying them to your work, then you might want a light prototype.
Motor Power
There are diverse pump types obtainable. But there is one thing that is vital for all types of pumps that is the power of the motor. Single-stage motors are frequently good enough, but you will also find pumps using 2-stage motors. These types of motors are more influential, faster, and stronger.
So, if you are getting a pump for home use, then single-stage motors are good enough, but for specialized use, you should get a pump with a 2-stage motor.
Sight Glass
If you know about rotating vane pumps then, you know that they run on oil. These pumps come with a vision glass so that you can monitor the oil level. So, if you are getting a rotating vane pump but it doesn’t have a sight glass, then select an altered model.
Without the sight glass, you will fail to know if you are consecutively low on oil. And if you fail to replace the oil in time, then it may cause important injury to the pump itself. So, just pay a few more bucks and get a model with sight glass.
Pumps are connected with noise; they are not a silent piece of equipment. If you are using it outside, then noise shouldn’t be a problem, but it can be a trouble if you are using it inside. So, if you are getting a pump for inside use, then get one with low noise or buy earplugs.
 Oil System
The rotary vane pumps necessitate oil changes from time to time. The vision glass will help you to regulate the oil level, but you will also need an accessible oil plug to drain the machine effortlessly.
Additional Features
As there is too much opposition, you will find the main variance when checking out the additional features of these pumps.
There are a few purposes that should be measured must-have like ‘Anti-Suck Back’. This function avoids any air or even liquid from entering the system again.
There are other things you should look for, like consumption fittings of different sizes. It will help you to use other apparatus, and the separation valves will help you to control the vacuum level.
The pressure gauges are also essential. Analog gauges are most common, but they are also a hassle to function and not very accurate. So, you better look for digital gauges.
Scrubbing the water and moisture from the insides of an AC unit is highly essential while servicing an AC system. Although, doing this physically can take a lot of time with poor results. Therefore, you should get one of the best AC vacuum pumps declared up above in this article. Since we have revealed their major features and choices, you must be able to effortlessly distinguish between them. Although, if you are still disordered, you can simply go with one of the following references to pick up the perfect AC vacuum pump for you:
  • If you want an extremely powerful AC vacuum pump for heavy-duty usage, you can go with the Fieldpiece AC vacuum pump. Even though it is fairly expensive, you get a high airflow rating of 8 CFM that is made possible using its ¾ HP pump power rating.
  • The Robin-Air AC vacuum pump can be a great pick if you want a high value for money meanwhile it offers high presentation without having a high price tag. It offers a 2 stage system that can offer a 5 CFM airflow rating with a pump power rating of ⅓ HP.
  • Those of you who are on a budget should go with the Zeny AC vacuum pump as it is the inexpensive option present in this article. Notwithstanding that, you get a decent 3.5 CFM airflow rating with its ¼ HP pump power rating that is quite good for the given price tag.
Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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