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Step By Step Guide to Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter Properly

A filter is an important part of the HVAC System. As per the name, it filters the air of the HVAC and very much the reason for providing you the fresh cool air. There are four types of filters in the HVAC System, the outdated Pleated Media Filter, Flat Paneled Filter, Reusable Filters, and the HEPA filters. All are used for security and cleaning purposes. As they are the protectors of the HVAC, they often deal with the dust and even the larger particles. They need maintenance for the highest efficiency of the HVAC system. Also, filters will protect your HVAC Smooth. But only when the filters are clean, that’s why to clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter properly is the necessary step.

Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter

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Filters are always in the continuous battle with the dust and all the harmful particles. But after some time they started to weaken because of the constant struggle. You can always strengthen them with the perfect cleaning. Dyson is one of the premium brands for making air purifiers. For optimum performance, you must clean their filters for the perfect results. Here we are providing the step by step guide to clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter properly.

How to Clean Filter of Dyson


Safety is the most important prospect while the cleaning of the filters. You might see lots of dust and debris on the filter. It is better that you put on the mask and gloves while cleaning. If you are allergic to dust and asthma patients then it is the must step for you.

Proper Way to Clean Filter of Dyson Air Purifiers

Make sure that your HVAC system is off. After closing the system and disengage the power plugs, you can open the box of your HVAC system. Gently put out the filter from your machine. If the skin of the filter is damaged then you must change the filter. If you see nothing but dust and debris on the filter, then take the duster to scrub the dust particles from the filters.

After that, you can wash your filter with water. Please note always use cold water while cleaning the filter. Hot water can damage or rough the skin of the filter. Apply gentle pressure of the water from the outside of the filter. Repeat the process to make sure you cleaned every speck of the dust and debris from the filter.

Clean Dyson Filter- Pintereest

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It is very important to dry the filter at room temperature. Sun and air dryer can make the net of the filter stiff. After the wash just put the filter on the corner of any room and after 15 to 20 minutes, the filter will get dry. If you are in the hurry then you can use the air dryer but keep the temperature very low.

Note: All the Filters need cleaning. You should clean your filter every two weeks. If the dust and debris damaged the filter, then you should change the filter.

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