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No Cool Air? A Frozen Coil May Be the Cause
Warm weather is on the way and you need to warm up your air conditioner for the soothing temperature. If you start the air conditioner after a month and your air conditioner is throwing the comfortable cool air then voila. But if not, then there are many reasons for them. Of course, you need your ready-to-go air conditioner to beat the heat. This is the most vital tool against the intimidating summers. If you have passed the daunting cold weather then a frozen coil of an air conditioner may be the cause. As we all know, the air conditioner is like the heart. In the heart, you need the blood flow and in the air conditioner, you need the airflow for continuous action. The frozen coil is like the artilleries or veins, the medium to carry the airflow for the process.
There might be other problems that can occur also for the stoppage like the fault of the thermostat, refrigerant leakage, or choke of the air filter. But after the winters, a frozen coil is often the culprit. Air Conditioners need the airflow or continuous process to keep coils warm. After the month of stoppage, there is a huge chance the evaporator coil gets frozen and chokes. Dirty air filters are also the cause of the frozen coil.
The one question that surrounded the mind: how can we solve this problem??? And prevent it for the future??? Of course, we need to close down the air conditioner during winters so we can save energy. Here we will discuss the causes of the frozen coils of air conditioners and how we can prevent it???
Signs of a Frozen Coil of Air Conditioner
If you turn on the air conditioner and realize that no cooling air comes even after minutes then you realize that there is a problem. But you could not know which problem is that. First, you have to check air passes through the registers or supply. If yes, then this is the frozen coil problem. So you have to inspect the coils for the appropriate problem. If you see the visible ice on the indoor and outdoor coils, then you know the problem now, yes, the culprit is a frozen coil. If you do not see the ice but you feel the moisture around the air conditioners then it means the ice is melting for the condensation and building up the moist environment.
How to Troubleshoot Frozen Air Conditioning Coil?
If you face this problem then you don’t need to call the services of an air conditioner. You can control this situation yourself, but if it is not out of control. There is a huge chance it isn’t. You should switch the thermostat settings and turn the fan ‘on’ of the air conditioner. The fan air will pass through the coil to unfreeze it. Patience, this process will take hours. If the coil takes so much time then you can thaw out the coils through towels or even blow dryer in the extreme case.
As we stated that air filters can be the cause of the frozen coil. The air filter is jammed with dirt and debris and causes the restriction of air movement. So change your air filter also for the smooth procedure of comfortable air.
Broken Fans are also the cause of the problem because they do not pass the warm air so the coil froze while processing. Sometimes condenser and thermostat are the cause. If you find this problem again then the culprit is not the weather, only some part is doing fishy things to freeze the air conditioning coil.
How to fix the frozen coils of the air conditioner?
If the process of the resurrection is above you, then you might need the help of experts to resolve this issue. No, freezing is not the only issue; you will find various reasons for choking off the coil. Your air conditioner’s coil can be choking from the dirt. The air conditioner takes air from outside and there is a huge chance if the air filter is not up to the mark then the coil can get the air filled with dust and dirt. After some time this dust and dirt will occupy enough space to stop the procedure of the air conditioning. your AC vendor will sort this out by cleaning the air conditioning coils.
how to fix
A refrigerant leak is also a problem you might face. Most of the time the leak is very minor you cannot detect it. For this also you need the help of the assistant. He or She will figure out the spot of the leak. Melt it for closing the microscopic gap. After that, an expert will fill the refrigerant.
Please keep in mind if the frozen coil does not melt with hot air and from the blower and towels then there is a huge chance the problem is in the process. Something is not working appropriately and making the air very cold. It means it goes out of your hands. You need the proper hero to tackle this issue. You need the assistance of your HVAC vendor technician.
 How we will keep air conditioning coils from freezing???
Yes, you need the easy preventive maintenance plan to keep the air conditioner coils warm so they cannot get frozen. In the winters, you have to turn on the air conditioner for just 5 to 10 minutes, so the dust and debris can be released from your air conditioners. It will also melt the mild frozen coils. If you don’t want an air conditioner in winter then you should inspect it properly when you need the air conditioner for the summers.
We direly suggest that you contact the experts so they can check the filters, coils, refrigerant, line of leaks, thermostat, etc. This is the most beneficial process so your air conditioner can provide you chilly air without any interruption. A refrigerant coil is not the major problem but it causes a major setback. So you need preventive maintenance so it may never occur. Also, preventive maintenance will save you money on replacement and repair. Most people think that preventive measure is the unnecessary money but it is the most effective way to prevent you from the bigger cost. 

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