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New Advanced PECO Technology in Air Purifiers

You will notice that the air quality is worsening day by day. According to the research indoor air quality makes a huge impact on human health. You cannot filter the external air, but you need at least the clean air to give a boost to your respiratory system. The quantity of asthmatic and allergic people is increasing day by day. Air Pollutants are a major reason for this. Humans have discovered a way to give you pure internal air. Now they are striving towards perfection. First, pre-filters were used in the Air Purifiers to remove the dust only. After that people realized that there are many types of pollutants still attacking us so they invented the carbon filter. The most recent invention was HEPA which can catch the 0.3 microns fine pollutants. But new advanced PECO technology is 1000 times more powerful than HEPA.



What is PECO Technology????


New patented Photo Electro Chemical Oxidation technology is introduced by the Molekule. Before that Air Purifiers can clean in microns, but this technology can clean the Nanoscale size pollutants. PECO technology not only cleans the microscopic pollutants but it also eradicates the harmful chemicals in the air. PECO developed after 25 years of research. This most beneficial technology utilizes the free radical to kill the impurity. HEPA is the previous advanced technology in the air purifiers, but PECO technology is a thousand times more powerful than HEPA. Molekule Nano Technology PECO will not create the ozone and clean the air entirely. PECO technology is very advantageous for health.


How PECO Technology Works???


PECO can capture the 0.1 nm extremely fine particles from the environment. Molekule PECO filters break down the particles. After that PECO oxidizes the black molds into further small pieces. After that, the destruction process starts to completely eradicate the pollutants. PECO technology is researched at the Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories. It can remove the virus from the air in just 30 minutes. It can remove the airborne viruses, like MS2 bacteriophage and SARS-CoV-2. By that time covid-19 has not come but there is a huge chance it can handle the Coronavirus too. The Air Purifiers of PECO will become a new sensation and it can bring good health and decrease asthma patients.


 PECO technology

This image is from Molekule

Effect of PECO Air Purify Technology on Human’s Health


Researchers have researched to see the impact of PECO technology on humans. They picked asthma and allergy patients and checked their TSS (total symptom score) which is the sum of TNSS (Total Nasal Symptoms Scores) and TOSS (Total Ocular Symptom Score. After the one month of usage of PECO on patients, researchers found consistent improvements in the TSS, TNSS, and TOSS. So due to this research, PECO is the most beneficial technology which can improve your health instantly. Now it becomes very essential to take the PECO filter at home. The only con of this PECO Air Filter that it is very is expensive. 

 Molekule Purifier

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