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Is this a good idea to clean the HEPA filter???

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a very efficient air purification filter that will squeeze out any particle from the range area. It can clean every type of tiny particles such as dust, mold, spores, and allergens from the air. One major problem is they are non-washable air filters. That means after serving life there is no option but to change the HEPA filter. Yes, HEPA filters are durable but they are expensive also because it is the most technologically advanced and efficient filter. To change the HEPA filter is not an easy task you have to find and order a suitable filter for your device. It is a hectic task. That’s why most of the people as is this a good idea to clean the HEPA filter? So they can avoid the tiring and financially denting task to replace the filter.

How is the HEPA filter made??? And what happens if you wash it???

First, you have to know how HEPA Filter is created and how it works?? Then you have to decide that this is a good idea to clean the HEPA filter. HEPA filters are usually used in vacuum cleaners, HVAC systems, and Air Purifiers. The glass fibers make the HEPA filter which is created with the passing molten glass. In some HEPA filters plastic is used instead of Molten Glass. When the glass fibers pass through fine pores in a spinning nozzle it cools off instantly. Because of the spinning nozzle, glass fibers form a web. After that, the conveyor belt collects the fibers and makes the filter material. The melting and cooling process makes the fiber bond, which makes it extremely strong. Latex Blinder is spread on the fiber to make it stronger.

How is the HEPA filter made?

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Now the strong fabric is formed which goes to the slicer and after that on the rollers. We called it HEPA mats. Now companies roll the mat and surround it with the fine open wire grid which gives it the support. The filter is very fine and no particles can escape from that. That’s why the efficiency rate of HEPA is 99.97%. But after so much dirt and debris, it got clogged off. Yes, it takes time and so much debris to stop the Fiber HEPA filter, but once it stops that means it’s a gone case. If you try to wash it or rinsing it that means you are sabotaging the fiber and make it useless even more. But one method can save your HEPA filter a bit.

Method to Clean HEPA filter

We recommend changing the filter but customers insist because they don’t want to change their expensive filter. We know it makes a dent in the pocket. Don’t worry if your HEPA filter stopped working or it works slowly then you take a blow dryer and try to clean the debris and dust from the dryer. We cannot say this is the perfect trick if the fiber of the HEPA got destroyed you should take the filter again. 

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