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How you can determine your Compressor is Faulty????

Compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system. Hearts provide blood circulation to every part of your body. Similarly, the compressor circulates the air for the major operation. Irony is that when hearts have a problem your body does not function well similarly when the compressor is faulty it stops working the task all the air conditioners must do. The task is to make the air breezy and make you comfortable at high temperatures. Heart can signal the pain but the compressor cannot. So how you can determine if your compressor is faulty??? There are many symptoms of that and we are discussing those problems so if your air conditioner stops working or does not work efficiently you must know the complication and you act according to it.

Common Problems of Air Conditioner Compressor

As we have stated the compressor works to push the air constantly towards the pipes for the refrigerant and also push the hot refrigerant air outside. If the compressor does not work properly then you can face some problems. Here are some problems so you can pay attention to so you can know and no one can deceive you.


Air Conditioner Stops Cooling

This is the first and foremost problem when the compressor stops working. But it can also happen when your filter is choking. If you feel the less cooling just take out the filter, clean it properly and put back to see the result. If the problems remain after the cleaning filter that means your compressor stops working. If the air conditioner cools less it is an indicator that the compressor of your AC is starting to fade due to breakage. Respond immediately! You have to bring the AC technician to the problem. 


Fault of Compressor Motor

If the compressor motor gets faulty you cannot get the cooling even if you attempt many times to start the air conditioner. This is not a huge problem if the capacitor of the compressor motor stops working. If the capacitor is not installed then you should install the capacitor. Despite the new capacitor, if your compressor motor still is not working then you should call the air conditioner expert.



Continuous Turning On and Off

Well, this is a serious problem if you turn on your air conditioner and it turns off after some time or immediately. It can increase the amount of bill because the compressor is faulty. Compressor takes initially lots of energy when it is on after the cooling it settles down and takes less energy. If the compressor has to resume the initial task again and again then you should immediately call the technician because it will take lots of money if you continue to start the air conditioner like that. 


But you have to keep this on your mind you should check the fuse or broken wire first or the power supply. A compressor is not all the time culprit; sometimes minor amendable fault can cause the crash. Check the power source or fuse is okay if yes, and then blame the compressor.

Air Conditioner Overheat

If you are living in a high-temperature area then there is a huge chance you are familiar with this problem. A compressor can be the culprit but a huge problem is due to the internal defective parts or wiring problems. If you double-checked the wiring is good and still after some minute of initiating the air conditioner it gets heat then the compressor is the problem. That is probably because the compressor cannot exert the hot air outside.

Lack of Maintenance

Compressor is the everlasting party of the air conditioner but like everything in the world, it gets worn out, if you don’t care it. New Air Conditioner demands minimal maintenance every month such as filter cleaning and dusting. After one year or two, you should bring the electrician for the preventive measures. It will increase the performance and life span of your air conditioner. Maintenance of AC allows you to get the cool and clean air and also it prevents the cost of the new air conditioner.

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