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How Much Ductless AC Cost??? Mini Split AC Buying Guide
We have seen many people who are just confused to decide which type to take and which air conditioner is suitable for them. We often say that if you cannot determine what kind of air conditioner you should buy, you must take mini split air conditioners. Confusion ended! If you have duct installed in your home, then you can take ducted mini-split air conditioners. If you don't have any vents, then a ductless mini-split air conditioner is best for you. The question pops to mind: how much does ductless AC cost??? Well, it depends on which model you are opting for. If you want a contemporary model with advanced features, then it will cost you more. If you wish for the sturdy model with limited features, then the mini split's cost will be less. Here we will inform you all about the mini split air conditioner and its cost.
What is Ductless Mini Split AC? 
Ductless Mini Split is the type of air conditioner. You often see the air conditioner hanging on the wall. The hanging unit is called an indoor unit which contains the evaporator, filter, and capacitors. The indoor unit is connected with the outdoor unit through small tubing and wire. You can keep the outdoor unit outside of your home or hang it on the outside wall or keep it on the roof. The outdoor unit comprises a compressor, condenser coils, and a fan. There are two types of split ductless AC. Mini Split Air Conditioner contains one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, whereas, multi-split air conditioner includes one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. Split Ductless Air Conditioners are suitable for zonal heating and cooling. 
One indoor unit can cool or warm one room, and if you want cooling or heating for multiple rooms, you should consider multi-zone ductless air conditioners. In short, a ductless air conditioner means best energy efficiency and awesome luxurious comfort. 

How Much a Ductless Air Conditioner Can Cost??? 
The mini-split ductless AC with the excellent SEER rating and many advanced features can cost you around 1500$ to 8500$. You will amaze to see that price difference. There are many factors for this price. If you need the air conditioner for the 350 square feet, the 12000 Btu air conditioner is perfect for this space with the incredible 21 SEER rating. This air conditioner will cost you 3500$ to 4000$ with the installation cost. If you want the air conditioner for the more prominent spaces, you need to add more money. If you are getting the single zone ductless AC for the smaller rooms, it can cost 1500$ to 1800$ with installation. For the two-zone, you may keep 2500$ and three-zone 3000 to 3500S, and for the four-zone roughly 4000$. If you need the eight zone air conditioner, then you need almost 7000 to 7500$. 
Zones and space is also the main factor in the costing, but the air conditioner's energy efficiency and power also impact the price. 12000 BTU air conditioners are less expensive than 14000 or 18000 BTU. Similarly, 14 SEER rating air conditioners are cheaper than the 18 SEER rating air conditioners. Also, the name of the brand influences the price. If you are taking the air conditioner from the big brands like Carrier, Daikin, and Hitachi, you need to pay more. Because they are the world's trusted brand, there is a guarantee that they will provide great appliances. If you take it from a trusted but less popular brand than Frigidaire, Emerson, Tao Tronics, and Midea, you will get the same feature AC at a significantly lower price. 
Ductless Air Conditioner Installation
 To install the ductless AC, you need a certified installer for the perfect installation. This is the essential step, and you need to take care of it. The good installation of the air conditioner is the guarantee of everlasting running. Ac Technicians have to ensure that lines, cables, valves, drainage are installed correctly and working correctly. One wise technician will also help you install the air conditioner in the proper place, and he will guide you where to put out the ductless AC. The expert will make sure not to sabotage your house by excessively drilling. He or she will neatly connect the indoor unit with an outdoor unit with the appropriate switching system. If you bring any rookie to install the air conditioner, you will not get the comfort and energy efficiency that the air conditioner can offer. 

If you are not the air conditioner expert yourself, then hire one to do the job. They have the proper tool and also know the befitting way to install a ductless mini-split air conditioner. As we all know, ductless air conditioners are pretty popular in the US region, and finding the right person can be a hectic job. But don't rest until you find the best. 
Mini Split Ductless AC Installation Cost
The Air Conditioner contractor has to lay the concrete for the outdoor unit, set the platform to hang the indoor unit on the wall, drill perfectly to run the electric lines for the conduits, and set up the current system components needed. A good AC technician will do a neat job and deserve a reasonable price for the installation. Also, multi-zone air conditioners take more effort. The contractor has to install multiple indoor units and connect them with the outdoor units. A Good AC Contractor may charge 1500$ to 2000$. You are lucky if you settle the price for less than that.  
Things to Remember
Mini-Split, Air Conditioning system is not for extreme temperatures. If you live in the coldest and hottest area, then you need the traditional HVAC system as the backup. 
If you want to cover the larger space and you need multiple outdoor units. Take the multi-split outdoor unit that is powerful enough to entertain many indoor air handling units. 
If you have a functional ducted system, you can take the ducted mini-split system, but you need to take care of the ceiling and leakage of air. Ducted mini-split air conditioners have many limitations. 

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