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HEPA Filters VS PECO Filters


Air Purification is the art which is majorly performed by the air purification filters.  HEPA was the previous best filter in the world. It can most precisely clean the air and capture pollutants like VOC’s (if combined with carbon filters), allergens, dust and molds. PECO is the new advanced technology which is the promising aspect for the health factor. It is considered as the most powerful filter on the earth now. HEPA filters vs PECO filters is the heated debate amongst the air purifiers analysts. HEPA is most commonly used in almost every air purifier. PECO is not very popular and patented from the Molekule.


There are many filters such as ULPA and many more but HEPA is now the most used filter by any brand. You will see every advanced air cleaner comprising HEPA. The popularity of the HEPA is immense. Otherwise, PECO filter is the most powerful filter and 1000 times more powerful than any other filter, but still it is the new technology and will take the time to gain the trust of people.


Let’s see the benefits of the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and Photo ElectroChemical Oxidation (PECO Filters).




HEPA filters can clean all the essential pollutants form the air which can cause harm to our respiratory system. The only limitation of the HEPA is, it cannot clean the gaseous pollutants and airborne bacteria and viruses. That’s why HEPA usually collaborated with the carbon filter which is designed to eliminate the gaseous pollutants such as smoke. For the Air Borne Viruses, UV light is used but this is not the effective method because it can harm our health. HEPA is the powerful filter with no side effects.

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PECO Filter is the Nanotechnology filter which destroys or crushes every type of air pollutant. It can remove the airborne virus and also the gaseous harmful substances. Any other filters can catch up t0 o.1 to 0.3 microns fine particles. PECO destroys the 1 Nano fine particles in very less time. The preciseness of the PECO Filtration System is awesome. After 25 years of research PECO technology emerges, which shocks the world because it is by far the most advanced technology.  




HEPA filters capture the pollutants from the air and seize it in the filter. It can take 30 minutes to 1 hour to completely purify the air. After the purification the continuous monitoring system is the big plus point for the HEPA based Air Purifiers.


PECO does not keep the pollutants, it crush it and not rest until the complete destruction of the harmful substances in the air. PECO does not make the ozone layer. Like the HEPA, it is also very beneficial for health.




 HEPA filters generally are non-cleanable and non-replaceable.  Yes, they last long, but you have to change the HEPA filter once it stops working. This is all due to capturing pollutants which destroy the HEPA Filter.


The drawback of the PECO filter is, it is very expensive. Most of the brands prefer HEPA because they can create the awesome air purifier at a very less price. 

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