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Heat Pump VS Gas Furnace: 8 Amazing Myths

When you want to get the warmth in the unsympathetic cold temperature then there are so many options for you. Heat Pump and Gas Furnace are the most common preferences for providing the heat to your space. Some people prefer the heat pump as some desired gas furnace for different reasons. Obviously, both types contain the merits and demerits but irony is that both the opposite parties believe some myths about heat pumps or gas furnaces which are not completely true. We will discuss those myths and also bring the truth so you can eradicate all the misconceptions. So you have the firmness which heating device is suitable for you.

Heat Pump is a heating and cooling device which moves thermal energy by absorbing the heat from a cold space and releasing it to the warmer space. A heat pump depends on the refrigerant and the condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and compressor are the main component of the heating or cooling process. If the heat pump is providing the heat, it extracts the heat from the outside and transfers this to the refrigerant coolant and after that is compressed through the compressor to increase the temperature. The coolant then moved to the indoor unit of the heat pump to pass the air over the hot coolant.

A Gas Furnace is often recalled as a heater or boiler. Furnace is a heating device. It can easily provide the heat to the entire area and often used in the central heating system. Furnaces are designed to provide the heat through the intermediary fluid movement. The intermediary fluid is the hot water turning into the hot air stream. Both Heat Pump and Furnace are the best options of providing heat but they both have some demerits you should know to pick the heating system wisely.

Famous Myths on Heat Pump VS Gas Furnace

You will get many suggestions from the different people. But you might hear some rumors for both gas furnaces and the heat pump. We will clarify the misconceptions and also we will explain the reason and try to depict the exact picture so you can get the best idea.


Myth No 1: A Gas Furnace is the Best Heating System among all

A Gas Furnace is the powerful system to generate heat, yes, but when we think about the most efficient way of heating then we have some doubts about that. First gas furnace is only the best if you have the gas lines leading to your home. If you are living in extremely cold weather then yes, a furnace is the best option but keep in mind; if you are in the mild weather place then you should look for a heat pump. One more thing in the extremely cold temperature furnace heat rapidly which left some dryness and caused the dry skin.  


Myth No 2: A Heat Pump is the Second Name of Air Conditioner


This is the most common misconception and I heard it a lot that heat pumps and air conditioners are the same. There is a big difference between the air conditioner and the heat pump. You can say that the procedure is similar but the operation is very opposite. Air Conditioner collects the hot air from home and drives it outside. But Heat Pump takes the air from the outside and pushes it inside the home. So, no, the air conditioner and heat pump are quite opposite.

Myth No 3: Heat Pumps cannot provide the heat to the entire house 

I want to tell you clearly that a gas furnace is a more powerful heating system than the heat pumps. But heat pumps are also powerful enough to provide comfortable heat. Basically, heat pumps are best for the moderate temperature while the gas furnace is better for the extreme temperatures. Heat Pumps are also providing the best cooling system.


Myth No 4: A Gas furnace is cheaper than heat pump


Of course gas is cheaper than electricity, but if you see the installation of the gas pipes cost then you will indulge in the doubt. If natural gas lines are not installed then the cost of the furnace is immense, it will take years to recover.


Myth No 5: There is no any other type of heat pump


If we state that heat pumps are the most versatile system, then we are very close to the truth. There are three types of heat pumps. Air to air heat pump is the most common type which moves the air from outside to inside. The second one is a ductless mini split heat pump which is quite similar to the windows air conditioning system with the compressor, condenser and indoor unit which gathers the outside air and brings it inside. Last but not the least, a geothermal heat pump stores the heat underground and gathers it inside for cooling or heating.


Myth no 6: Both gas Furnace and Heat Pump produce hazardous Carbon Monoxide

Yes, Gas furnaces produce the CO because gas furnaces use the combustion to heat the space. Let me remind you carbon monoxide is harmful for the health. So, it is very essential to monitor and inspect the gas furnace correctly. You should be careful that your gas furnace system is installed correctly as this system is susceptible to produce the carbon monoxide. However, this is the myth that heat pumps can also produce the carbon monoxide. Heat pumps do not use the combustion, so it is a more eco-friendly system than the gas furnace.




If you are looking for the extreme heat producing system then you need the gas furnace. Gas furnace is a good option for the cold areas. If you are in the high temperature or mild temperature area then you need the good heat pump. Heat Pump does not produce the searing heat like the gas furnace but suitable for the mild temperatures. In the very cold temperature the line of the heat pumps can be blocked. So a heat pump is not suitable for the icy temperatures.  

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