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Exhaust Fans Are Essential F0r Home Comfort

Exhaust fans in the home are very helpful for maintaining ideal temperature and air quality. Kitchen, bathroom, or whole home systems improve ventilation, letting out the bad to better the indoor environment. In this article you will learn how they work, their benefits, and exhaust fan options for your home. 

Installing ventilation exhaust fans in your home will help improve indoor air quality, for both your health and belongings. These fans, as the name implies, exhaust unwanted dirty, humid and/or stale air from your home to the outside. You can use this air quality checklist to see if your home would benefit from one or more exhaust fans. Typically, an exhaust fan is placed in a room such as the kitchen or bathroom to remove stale, muggy or dirty air.

As most homeowners say, exhaust fans do not really add appeal to one’s home, but they surely help in improving ventilation. Ideally, exhaust fans are placed on parts of the house which produce excessively high moisture and strong odor. Learn more about how they work, their benefits and the various exhaust fan choices for your home. How Do Exhaust Fans Operate? An exhaust fan is just another type of fan but what makes the difference is that the blades are in reverse motion. Instead of pulling in air, exhaust fans throw it out and provide extra cooling in the area. Exhaust fans are electric devices which are either controlled by a switch mounted on the wall or connected to a thermostat. Types of Household Exhaust Fans If you want to have one installed at home, you can choose between a ducted and non-ducted exhaust fans. As the name implies, ducted exhaust fans make use of air ducts where excess moisture and indoor air is moved out of the house. A non-ducted exhaust fan on the other hand does not use an air duct but filters the air using charcoal, then gives back clean air into the room.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

  • Cools home quickly. After cooking or showering, the temperature in the room can get really warm. An exhaust fan helps cool down the area fast by venting out hot air and reducing the temperature without the use of an air conditioning unit.
  • Removes excess moistureEspecially in the areas like kitchen and bathroom, humidity can become too high which can damage the home. An exhaust fan helps remove excess moisture before they accumulate on walls and ceilings.
  • Improves indoor air quality. You can rely on an exhaust fan to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. It reduces chemicals in the air, pulls out bad odors and relieves excess humidity by venting them out of the house so that conditioned air can fill the area.
  • Improves comfort. An exhaust fan provides proper ventilation especially to those areas where quality-diminishing agents accumulate fast. It also maintains proper circulation of air thus improving your overall home comfort.

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What Do Exhaust Fans Do?

Exhaust fans are used to pull excess moisture and unwanted odors out of a particular room or area. They are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture can build up due to activities such as showering, washing, or cooking. They provide ventilation to areas, reducing chemical fume buildup and removing other contaminants that can be harmful when breathed in.

How Do Exhaust Fans Work?

Exhaust fans pull odors, fumes, and moisture from an area of the home, venting them outdoors for removal. The fan uses a motor to turn its blades, which function to pull air out of the space. The stale, humid, or contaminated air is propelled through the exhaust vent, exiting the home.

Exhaust fans operate using electricity. They can be controlled by a wall switch, or certain models are equipped with a thermostat that signals the unit to come on when certain temperatures are reached in the area.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

Using an exhaust fan is very beneficial for the home, indoor air quality, and comfort of occupants.

  • Exhaust fans can quickly cool down areas that have become too hot from activities such as cooking or showering. Hot air is vented outdoors, reducing the temperature of the space without using the air conditioning system.
  • Exhaust fans remove excess moisture that can damage the home. Condensation from hot water use can build up on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, leading to mold growth.
  • Exhaust fans improve indoor air quality by removing humidity, odors, and contaminants. They provide adequate ventilation for areas where these air quality-diminishing agents can build up. Stagnant air is vented out of the home, allowing conditioned air to fill the space.

Types of Exhaust Fans for Homes

There are many different models of exhaust fans available for use in homes. Exhaust fans are either vented directly to the outdoors via the unit itself or dedicated duct work, or is connected to your home’s ventilation system. Wall- and ceiling-mounted exhaust fans commonly used in bathrooms as well as range hood exhaust fans in kitchens are typically vented directly to the outdoors. Inline exhaust fans are models that connect to the home’s duct work, expelling air through the home’s existing ventilation system.

Problems with Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are not useful to homeowners if they are not operating properly, or are not used in the first place – the two most common issues with this equipment.

  • If the exhaust fan is not installed properly, heat and moisture may be escaping into other areas of the home. If the unit is not insulated correctly, the air pulled from interiors can be lost within the home’s attic, which can lead to moisture issues.
  • Poor installation can cause the exhaust fan to be noisy when operating. This operating noise sometimes keeps occupants from using the exhaust fan when they should be – such as when taking a long, hot shower, cleaning using chemicals, or cooking a meal on the oven or stove. Not using exhaust fans will cause moisture issues in the home, lingering odors, and poor indoor air quality.

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