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Essential HVAC Tools for Service Techs in 2021

If you’re entering the HVAC industry you’ll want to make sure you are fortified with the appropriate tools for success which range from the basic essentials to those that are nice to have but not unavoidably obligatory. Whether you’re on a facility call or doing monotonous upkeep you need to make sure you have dependable and tough tools obtainable to you at a moment’s notice in order to help get the job done quickly and professionally.
We’ve compiled the below HVAC technician tool list for your orientation so you are never left improvised.


HVAC Hand Tools

“The Must Haves”


HVAC specialists should always have a carpenter-style hammer to complete a diversity of tasks. It is optional to have a lightweight hammer to not consider down your HVAC technician tool belt.


No HVAC toolkit is comprehensive without a solid set of screwdrivers. You’ll want a diversity of screwdrivers, with different sizes and types as you will be unscrewing and screwing a crowd of things (units, vents, thermostats, etc.). Lastly, make sure you use screwdrivers with cloistered handles to protect you from electrical shock.


A set of pliers is also vital to have as an HVAC specialist. The set of pliers should include wire-strippers, needle-nose, linesman, channel-lock, and open-face pliers. Each type of plier has its own field for example pointer nose pliers are used in clutching wire while working on a thermostat. Be sure to get a set with cloistered handles to defend yourself from electrical shock.

Tape Measure

Every HVAC technician should have a 25-foot tape amount. From gagging everything from heaters to air conditioner units, it’s important that HVAC technicians are able to precisely read a tape measure.

Crescent Wrenches

HVAC technicians should be armed with a set of semicircular wrenches. Having a set of small, medium, and large wrenches will allow you the suppleness needed to whole convinced tasks.


Flashlights are basic but significant for every HVAC technician to have. We propose using a headlamp to free up your hands for what you’re working on.

Battery-Powered Drill

Cordless, battery-powered maneuvers are tremendously useful in the field for an HVAC technician. You’ll want a drill that is dependable and tough as you’ll be using it on an even basis.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches are significant for HVAC specialists as they allow you to save natural gas and sanitation influences.

HVAC Safety Tools

“The Should Haves”


The multimeter is one of the most vital HVAC technician security tools. It checks for electrical present and informs you if there is power present, stopping you from existence electrocuted. You can use a multimeter to notice electrical flows on wires, switches, or outlets.


Being an HVAC specialist needs you to have tough and defensive gloves as you’ll have a very hands-on job. It’s also significant to have a couple of gloves that allow you some suppleness so that you’re able to container smaller tools and parts.

Ear Plugs

Since you’ll be using power gears on a steady basis be sure to protect your earshot with a hard pair of ear plugs.

Safety Goggles

Protect your eyes from powder and metal wreckage with a pair of care spectacles. It’s important to have precise and thorough vision while working on the job, so taking steps to guard your eyes is always a smart move.


Each job may have its own land so be sure to have the good footwear. It’s suggested to have a pair of heavy steel toe work boots, defensive your feet from a possible accident.


HVAC technicians use thermometers frequently to control the change in temperature. Temperature controls if a refrigerant needs to be added or if a piece of tackle is working properly. The thermometer used by HVAC technicians is a particular tool and is much different than the thermometer that pays a person for fever. It is important that the HVAC technician has a precise thermometer because their job is contingent on it. We propose the Fieldpiece ST4 Dual Temperature Meter for accurate temperature readings.

Cordless Drill

HVAC technicians use battery drills on a regular basis. They need one that will be dependable and durable because it will be carried into lofts and into crawl spaces where the real work is done. You may be drilling a new hole to run wires in the secret or in the loft. Cordless drills can go anywhere and are not limited to a particular distance from an electrical opening. Our recommendation is the Makita cordless drill.


HVAC technicians are always wounding through disordered materials or cutting overhead. The Sawzall is used to cut through old condensers, drywall, sheet metal, pipes, or wood. The sawzall is ideal for wounding through different types of materials without altering power tools. Our reference for this tool is made by Makita.

Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

The manifold gauge set is one of the most used field tools in the HVAC tool bag. This set is used to control if escapes are present. They are also used when accusing an air conditioner unit. The gauge is also useful throughout the elimination of refrigerant. The analog gauges have been around for periods and are easily read and understood by expert HVAC technicians. The digital gauges are newer and flattering more popular. The Fieldpiece digital gauge is our reference.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are tools that are the unacknowledged heroes for the HVAC technician. HVAC techs are always demanding to power up away from the electrical opening or generator. The heavy duty postponement cord extends the electricity into the dreamy breaks of the loft or sheds light on the crawlspace area underneath the house.

Ordinary household cabling doesn’t stand up to the power load that HVAC technicians use for working power tools. The industrial-grade postponement cord is tougher than a household delay cord, and we propose the US Wire 74050 delay cord for use on the HVAC job site.

Tubing Cutter

Tubing cutters are used to cut pipes. During connection or overhaul of HVAC equipment, these cutters make the job well-organized. These are standard cutters that cut a diversity of materials. The DIAOSnx Mini Hand Miniature Tubing Cutter Tool is our proposal for use in tight spaces.

Step Ladder

Don’t supervise the step ladder when you are packing your HVAC work truck. It is an important tool that you might not think you would need very often, but if you are working in the field servicing units and cleaning vents, you will likely need a step ladder several times during your work week. The Louisville Ladder L-3016-04 Fiberglass Stepladder can give you an extra four feet in height if you need it.

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