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This is one of the most confusing topics that has many unalike answers as there are different types of warranties that insurance defines things such as parts, and other types of warranties that cover labor and parts.
Most manufacturers for housing units will have a 5 year parts warranty that will cover any failed constituent within the system. Although more manufacturers are offering up to 10 years on parts now. Some of these parts are the evaporator coil, compressor, fan motor, blower motor. The most common delusion is that just because a unit is under manufacturer’s warranty does not mean LABOR is covered also.
If it’s a part such as a capacitor that goes bad and the air conditioning service technician sticks you with a $200 bill, that’s all for the labor to diagnose, repair, and ensure that the air conditioning system is operating properly. Though don’t take that number to heart for the price of a capacitor replacement it could be a lot less or a lot more particularly if the service is being done after hours.
The other type of warranty that I would for myself recommend to anyone that purchases a new air conditioning system is a 10 year extended warranty. It will be an additional cost to your new system but it will more than likely pay for itself with just a couple service calls.
You may need it and you may never have anything go wrong with your air conditioner but for the inexpensive prices that are out there for extended warranties. It’s well worth the peace of mind you’re going to get should you have a bad compressor or evaporator coil 6 years down the road.


HVAC Warranty Tips and Recommendations

I will say it again to get an extended warranty if you can. It will last 10 years from the date of installation. Should you have had a new HVAC unit installed within the last couple years you may still succeed for an extended warranty?
If you don’t have an extended warranty and you keep having to have a HVAC specialist gas up your unit with Freon, you need to get the leak fixed. There have been examples where an evaporator coil keeps dripping and a technician would keep gassing it up every six months and before you know it that evaporator coil, that part, is out of warranty. Pay to get the leak search it could be the difference of $1000 or more for the part if it’s out of warranty.


Are there any special circumstances surrounding a warranty in a brand-new home?

Yes. If your HVAC apparatus is under two years old and it goes out, it may be covered by BOTH the manufacturer’s limited warranty and your home builder’s HVAC contractors who by law offer a two-year warranty on labor. This means that the original contractors who installed the HVAC equipment in your home should be able to grip the part and the labor related with it. This can mean little to no out-of-pocket cost to the homeowner. Whether the timing or knowledge on that warranty repair is acceptable to you is another matter altogether. You also have the option to have another contractor such as one who is a factory official dealer. File the warranty for the part and then only pay the labor if timing and craftsmanship for the repair is important.


How long does the limited warranty last?

If a limited warranty is filed for a new system within an assured time period. The limited warranty for the system can last up to 10 years depending on the manufacturer. If limited warranty if filed late the warranty reverts to 5 years for parts. It pays to make sure the limited warranty for equipment is filed in a timely manner. Terry’s A/C and Heating always files warranties online on-site as part of our regular service to ensure it is done correctly and on time.
Keep in mind that if equipment is substituted at year 8 under a 10-year limited warranty. The new equipment installed under warranty will carry 2 more years under warranty. Manufacturers will cover the remainder of the warranty period or one year whichever is longer. It will likely the new tackle will last much longer than a year but this fulfills their warranty responsibility.


Understanding a Warranty’s Term

A warranty’s “term” is the length of time during which it remains active. You know you’ve bought a product from a respectable company when the warranty covers the item for longer than just two or three years. Generally the longer the warranty the better the product. Of course anything can happen with manufacturing blemishes and what have you but you know you’re trade with a trustworthy manufacturer when they offer longer warranty periods.
Plus a longer warranty term is of course, a good idea for you the buyer. Repairs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Even if the warranty only covers the cost of the part itself and not the labor sometimes this is sufficient to knock a significant amount off the price tag.


How to Find Out if Your Warranty Is Still Active

If you’ve lost the paperwork for the warranty on your air conditioner there are three main ways to help you determine whether your warranty is still active. These are:
  • The unit’s model number and serial number
  • The brand of the unit
  • The supplier of equipment for that particular model in your local area
If you know the name of your air conditioner’s manufacturer then you should be able to find your local distributor on the manufacturer’s website. Once you have their contact information all you need to do is provide them with the serial number and model number and they should be able to tell you if your warranty is still active.
Our team at is able to get almost every part for every make and model of air conditioner out there. So if you don’t have much luck with your local distributor give a call. We may just have the part you need.

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