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Clean the Filter of Air Conditioner Properly

Air Conditioner is a durable appliance. It cools your room efficiently without any interruption. Traditional Air Conditioner usually uses the outdoor air to cool and provide it to your room. Filters generally clean the air and provide fresh air. You should clean your filter every month for maximum efficiency. If your air conditioner does not cool, that means either your filter is choked or the compressor empties from the refrigerant. The most common problem is the filters. After so much dust and debris, it blocks the air. Most of the people find the AC technician for this minimal problem. Here we are telling you how you can easily clean the filter of the air conditioner.

Things to Remind Before Cleaning the Filter

Safety of your health is necessary. You must put the gloves on and also wear the mask so you can avoid the dust and debris entangle in the air filter.

Make sure that the air conditioner is powered off while you are taking out the filter from your air conditioner.

Open the Clamps of the body of the Air conditioner, if you have a window air conditioner. If you have split you just have to pull the body outside and the hook will open up. You will see the netted filter inside. Take the filter out gently from the air conditioner. Don’t hustle while taking out the filter you can destroy the net of the filter.

To improve the performance of the air conditioner you should check the air filter often. The best time is you should check your filter twice a month if the environment of your place is dusty.

Yes, most of the filters of Air Conditioners are washable but if the dust and debris destroyed the body of your filter then you should change your filter. Don’t worry you will get the filter at an affordable price from here.

How to Clean the Filter of Air Conditioners???


After extracting the filter from the air conditioner inspect the situation of the filter. You can clean the filter through a vacuum cleaner. You can scrub the brush very gently to remove the dirt from the filter. If your filter is very dirty you can wash your filter with warm water. Please keep this in mind if you want to use the detergent, do not use the strong detergent or even the dishwasher. The net of the filter is very sensitive and you can tear it with strong detergents or hard tools.


We always recommend you vacuum your filter and if you feel the need for washing then soak your filter in warm water filled with mild detergent. This is the proper way to clean the filter of the air conditioner.

You should dry the air filter completely before placing it back in the air conditioner. Just keep the filter in the dry place for a while. Do not reinstall the wet filter into the AC. Do not use the hard technique to dry the filter such as blow dryers or keeping under the sun.

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