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Can UV Light kill Coronavirus??? – Myth or Reality???

This is the burning question; Can Air Purifiers with UV Light kill Coronavirus??? UV Light Air Filtration System is an efficient way to kill all the germs, bacteria, and viruses from the environment. The UltraViolet Rays can eradicate the viruses from the room. But the concern is: Is it really applicable for the Coronavirus??? The debate is going on: The UV Light makers and some people are in the favor of voting “Yes” takes the plea, if UV Light Air Purification System can kill all the bacteria and the Viruses, then why not Coronavirus??? But they neglect the fact UV Lights are hazardous for the skin and eyes.


The 2nd opinion came that No, UV Light cannot kill the Coronavirus. According to them, there is no evidence that heat or UltraViolet Rays can kill the Coronavirus. Sun is the major source of UV radiation. Most of the scientists believed that there is the possibility the effect of Coronavirus can die in the summers. But this assertion of the scientists becomes wrong. It’s been almost 10 months, summer has passed and winter is coming again, but Coronavirus is still the headache of mankind, taking lives. But there is evidence that Coronavirus can disinfect through the Ultra-Violet Radiation. Even UV Light is the most popular tool to disinfect the Viruses including Coronavirus. Also, the president endorsed the UV Light Machines to disinfect the hands and the face.


UV Light

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Many if and buts come in this debate. You need to know how UV Air Filtration Systems work. How you can disinfect the viruses from the UV Air Purification Machines??? Is this safe to kill Coronavirus through UV Lights??? What is the most efficient way to kill the Corona Virus or prevent it???


How does the UV Air Purification System Work??? Can it kill Coronavirus??? 


There are many Ultra Violet Appliances, such as UV Hand Sanitizer or Full Body UltraViolet Sanitizer. The UV Lamps are placed in the machine which radiates the Ultra Violet which will kill all the germs, bacteria, and viruses. It can sanitize perfectly. UV Lamp Air Purification System also works like that but for the environment. The UV lamps are powerful enough to cover the spacious rooms. The UV Air Purification Systems are the standalone devices or whether you can place it in front of your HVAC system to clean the air from any type of germs, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Yes, Ultra Violet Radiation can kill the Coronavirus easily. But the price of it is very dangerous in the long term.  


UV Air Purification System Work

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UV Light Air Purification when met with the HEPA Filters it becomes very effective. As you will see many contemporary air purification devices contain HEPA filters. HEPA filters can pull things out from the environment like dust particles and many types of allergens. When you place the UV Light with the filter you can also clean the viruses from the environment. Plus HEPA filters have the whooping 99.7% efficiency rate. The name High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting tells you the whole story. UV Light doesn’t remove anything, the radiation process will kill the very tiny organism in the air.


Is This Safe to Kill the Coronavirus through the UV Air Purification System???


Here comes the most important question. We answer that Yes; UV Light can disinfect any kind of viruses including Coronavirus. But is this the safe bet? The answer to this question is unfortunately NO. UV Light Radiation is very harmful to the skin. One of the researchers even mocks this way by saying, “You want to fry people???” Ultraviolet radiation is the biggest reason for skin cancer. It will burn the microorganisms but also it can cause damage to the skin. So the disinfection of the Corona Virus through UV sanitizer machines is also harmful to your health. If the person is continuously exposed to UltraViolet radiation, it can cause skin damage issues like leathery skin, instant wrinkles, solar elastosis, and keratosis. This is the concern that people are preferring UltraViolet technology which is not the solution to this problem.


 UltraViolet radiation

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As we told you the President of the United States also endorsed sanitization through Ultra-Violet Radiation. This is a very bizarre statement from the higher authority. Because everyone knows Ultra Violet Rays are very harmful to the sensitive part of the body including precious eyes. UV Light can cause the Cataracts and the corneal sunburns. The skin of the Eyelids is very sensitive and most prone to cancer due to the ultraviolet radiation. So please lookout for any other available options other than UV Air Purification System or UV Light Sanitizers.



What are the best options to kill the Coronavirus????


 We want to prevent you from any harm. UV Lights are not the solution to the problem, but it also creates another very lethal problem. But we don’t want to spread disappointment; there is a way to prevent the Coronavirus. The way is the traditional way. You have to keep the distance from the people and go out with the mask on. Use the liquid hand sanitizers often and also spray it at the home to sanitize. Try to not contact the people and sanitize the goods or wash them. If you are looking for the appliances to suppress the virus then don’t look towards the UV Appliances.

Prevent the Coronavirus

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HEPA Air Purification Filters is the best bet for you. No, it doesn’t kill the virus, but it can suppress the Virus. It works especially in the room where Coronavirus patients are quarantined. HEPA will be efficient after a while. It will clean the air and also protects the caregiver from the virus. But it cannot kill the virus entirely that’s why prevention is the best bet.  


If the dust and allergy are not an issue in your house then we recommend you should open the windows for the fresh air. Fresh air is the best air for the respiratory system. Corona Virus attacks the respiratory system and you should look for ways to increase your immunity. Eat well and sleep well. Don’t take any pressure. 

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