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Best Types of Air Purifier Filters

Filters are the most vital part of any purifier. Good filter or bad filter will determine the performance of the air purifier. There are many types of air purifier filters with the different qualities. If you don’t know about the filters and you want the great air purifier then you should know about the filters. Here we are giving you the brief information on the types of air purifier filters so you know which filter is suitable for your air purifier. Also you will know the function of the filter. Every filter has unique characteristics and some of them have the distinctive qualities.


Pre Filter or Basic Filter


Pre Filter is generally used to cover the main filter of the air purifier. The main filter is costly; that is why Pre filters protect them from larger particles such as dust and hair. We also called Pre filter a security filter which will increase the life of the main filter and saves your money.

 Pre Filter - Rabbit Air

This image is from Rabbit Air

Carbon Filter


Carbon filters have the ability to seizure the chemicals and organic matter like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. It can capture the dangerous gases for the environment. It also eradicates the smoke from the room.  Carbon filter is most commonly used with any other filters to remove the smoke from the room.

 Carbon Filter Home depot

This image is from Home Depot

TiO2 Filters


This is not the very common filter and you rarely witness this filter in the air purifier. But still, this is the awesome filter to remove the germs, smoke and unpleasant odors. TiO2 is generally used in the hospitality industry such as hotels and in hospitals. One of the sturdiest filters and cleans the gaseous pollutants with perfection.

 tio2 filter home depot

This image is from Home Depot

ULPA Filter (Ultra Low Particulate Air)


It can become the leading filter in the air purification system, but some technical restrictions stop it from becoming the top filter. The efficiency rate of this filter is 99.9995% and it can catch up to 0.1 micron fine particles. There are some minor issues in this filter that’s why it is considered less.

 ULPA filter - Filt Air

This image is from Filt Air

Ionize Filter


Ionize filters charge the molecules in the air to form the ions. The particle will attract towards the grounded electrode.  Ionize filters are best used to kill the germs, bacteria and viruses from the air. Ionize filters generate a low amount of ozone which is harmful for health.

ionize filter

This image is from overstock


UV Light Filters


The air passes through the UV lights to disinfect the air from the viruses’ bacteria and germs.  You can install the UV lights on any HVAC system. But there is the major drawback of UV light filtration, the radiation of UV light can damage the skin and eyes.

UV light filter

This image is from ORNASI


HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air)


You will see this great technological advanced filter in every quality air purifier. HEPA captures every type of pollutant from air except gases and airborne viruses. The efficiency rate of HEPA is 99.97% and it can catch up to o.3 microns. HEPA is the most used filter in the air purification system.


This image is from ElectrIQ


PECO Filter ( Photo ElectroChemical Oxidation)


 After 25 years of research an astonishing Air filter is born. PECO is a 1000 times powerful filter than any other traditional filter. PECO can catch upto 0.1 nm fine particles and crush it in no time. This is the recent technology that’s why the price of this filter is very high. 

PECO filter

This image is from Molekule

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