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Benefits and side effects of ultraviolet air cleaners

First of all we need to know about, what is air cleaner or air purifier and how it works?

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which eliminates pollutants from the air in a room to advance indoor air excellence. These devices are frequently advertised as being favorable to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or removing second-hand tobacco smoke. Air purifiers use a system of interior fans to twitch the air in your home through a sequence of filters that take away damaging flying particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. The air purifier then circulates the disinfected air back into the room. An air purifier is an expedient that will importantly modify your life. Many of us have caught this sometime in our lives, but do we really know what compensations it can bring? 

There are boundless advantages that end up carrying this device, but like everything else in life. It also brings security productions. So before buying such a delightful device it is a good idea to notify yourself about everything that this device signifies for you and yours. 

Benefits of an air purifier

The use of such devices carries great welfare or advantages that can then be reproduced in the health of people who interrelate in the place where they are located. Mainly if it has to do with the person’s living capacity, as well as:

In the case of people’s health, they are able to:

Improve the quality of breathing: Many people do not have the fineness or drivable air they should have at home. And really this air in the home is much more harmful than that of the street in over-all. For this reason owning an air purifier in the home is very important to support good health in all the people who interconnect there. 

A much cleaner environment: The air has many contaminating substances, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. For this motive, an air purifier is very useful for eliminating such substances.

Preserved health: All that is significant in this feature is to improve people’s health. The higher the air excellence in an atmosphere the healthier the breathing of people. In adding large breathing problems in closed environments can be evaded with an air purifier.

Eliminate the unpleasant odors: Most of the bad odors of the surroundings are produced by the contaminating elements that are present in the place. Air purifiers are accomplished of removing all those bad odors and in the same way polluting elements.

These advantages or weaknesses explained above can completely improve the air quality of a particular place therefore people’s breathing advances. At the same time allergies or other glitches that can affect people’s health are clashed. 

  • They can remove all scums or particles that cause allergies from the air.
  • They are capable of pronouncing the smoke in the air to any potential.
  • They can remove approximately 99% of the dust particles.
  • They can also remove various pollutants in addition to dust, such as pollen or animal hair.

Disadvantages of an Air Purifier

It may come as an astonishment but not all air purifiers are created equal! Simply putting the word “pure” in a product’s name doesn’t actually mean its improving air quality. In fact, several popular air purification options do little to nothing to improve air quality. 

Poor air quality can deteriorate health subjects like asthma and allergies, cause sleep problems, and even lead to long-term health effects. If you’re looking to keep your home health-friendly, a quality air purifier is a must! And while many on the market are misleading. We’re here to clear the air (no pun intended).

If we mention to the difficulties related with the use of air purifiers, it could be said that they are not totally clear. However, it should be taken into account that these types of devices need recurrent cleaning and upkeep. In addition to the fact that they can produce ions and ozone that in some cases can disturb people.

Although these devices are very operative in removing scums and air pollutants. They are not always totally effective in removing gases and smells. Because it is much more difficult to eliminate such pollutants. 

HEPA Air Purifiers

It’s important to note that HEPA filters will not remove odors, chemicals, or gases. As a result, most include activated carbon materials to address those downsides. If you’ve settled on the HEPA approach, be sure to look at a multi-faceted filter design!


Time and time again, ionizers have proven to be ineffective. Rather than cleaning the air, they often mask smells and visible particulate matter. This is because ionizers are not able to absorb or eliminate harmful particles. Instead, they move the particles from the air to solid objects such as walls — leaving them for you to be exposed to. Eventually, these particles will become loose and reenter the air.

Activated Carbon

It’s important to note that while carbon filters are highly real in reducing chemicals and odors from the air, they are not tremendously effective when it comes to speaking particulate matter and allergens. This is one of the reasons activated carbon is often used in conjunction with a more traditional filter, such as a HEPA filter.

Ultraviolet Rays

UV air purifiers tend to not be tremendously effective, however. Because they cannot eliminate particulate matter, many bacteria avoid the UV rays due to defense provided by particles. This is one of the many reasons UV filters are best used in conjunction with other approaches. In fact, most air filters that rely on UV will also include activated carbon and HEPA filters as well. 

Ozone Purifiers

Being exposed to ozone can trigger asthmatic responses and even scar the lungs. And this is particularly regarding given that ozone can take years to have an effect on air quality — if any. Furthermore, ozone cannot remove particulate substance on its own. As a result most ozone filters trust on negative ion expertise, which as stated above, is ineffective in itself. Rather than removing harmful pollutants these filters simply mask them.

Some studies have shown that ozone air filters can stop convinced biological repressions from multiplying but other filter types can attain this without the harmful health effects of ozone. To have any true effect on air quality, ozone would have to be present in higher makings than thought safe by most public health standards.

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