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Air Scrubber 

With the enlarged anxieties about exposure to allergens, mold, VOCs, and air contaminants, the value of indoor air is pretty more significant to homeowners. This is particularly true if anyone in your family agonizes from allergies, asthma, or breathing issues.

An air scrubber is an expedient that attaches straight to the ductwork of your HVAC system. It removes air pollution, VOCs, surface pollutants, pet dander, odors, and dust. It delivers a cleaner, healthier and well-organized home. This low-upkeep device uses branded light waves along with a particular catalytic procedure to keep your home cleaner.

Matt Rusenski, one of our HVAC Service Managers, has one in his home and said “we noticed even when our daughter had a cold and was sneezing, my wife and I did not get sick. New homes are constructed for better competence and that also causes us to unceasingly breathe the same air. I would suggest everyone invest in an air scrubber to recover the air inside their home.”

What Are Air Scrubbers?

An air scrubber is a portion of HVAC apparatus that removes pollutants from the air inside your home. You can think of it as a boosted air purifier. While you’d characteristically use a purifier to luxury a single room, a scrubber pleasures your entire house.

Types of Air Scrubbers

There are two main types of air scrubbers on the market.

Portable Air Scrubbers

Portable air scrubbers are most usually used during face-lifts or other large-scale indoor projects that might puke a lot of pollutants into the air. They’re not intended to be permanent fixtures in your home, which is why you usually see them marketed as every day or weekly charges.

You can also tell moveable air scrubbers aren’t meant to be enduring based on their entrance. These are typically large industrial-looking units designed to be paired with consumer tubes that lead the polluted air outdoors.

Integrated Air Scrubbers

Combined air scrubbers are the kind that we connect as part of our air conditioner service in Phoenix. These small units connect straight to your home’s HVAC system and work continually in the background to cleanse your air. 

Unless you’re doing a major makeover at home, this is the type of air scrubber you need. A weighty-duty moveable unit is an overkill in most cases.

How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

Air scrubber’s magnet air from your home and pass it through a sequence of filters. These systems (which include PCO photocatalytic purifiers) kill the damaging pathogens, unlike filters that merely trap them.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Air scrubbers also issue ionized oxidizers that flow throughout your home. These oxidizers are harmfully charged, and they fascinate optimistic ions like odors, smoke, and more.

The ions act like those anthropomorphic soap lathers you see in the Scrubbing Bubbles commercials, efficiently ‘scrubbing’ your air.

What Do Air Scrubbers Organize?

Now, you may be doubting what air scrubbers eliminate from your home. Do air scrubbers work for mildew, for example?

The answer is yes. Air scrubbers eliminate a diversity of pathogens and pollutants, counting mold. They can also eliminate allergens like dust lice, pollen, and mildew bacteria. According to Crease-resistant, air scrubbers are accomplished by removing 99% of these airborne particles.

Can Air Scrubbers Eliminate Coronavirus Particles?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the motives air scrubbers have gotten so popular lately. There’s a lot of anxiety about hygiene in general. Since many specialists trust that COVID-19 is airborne, people are taking their air excellence very extremely.

To be clear, however, it’s indeterminate whether air scrubbers will defend you from COVID-19 if, say, someone with the sickness sneezes in your home and the particles continue flying.

COVID-19 is just too new for scientists to have a rock-hard understanding of what kills it and what doesn’t.

Here’s what we do know. Do air scrubbers work for mildew and other airborne contaminants? Yes, they work very well. While one might undertake efficiency in this regard would carry over to other types of airborne pathogens, the truth is that we simply don’t know right now.

Here are some of the welfares of the Air Scrubber we can connect in your home:

Reduce Contaminants

Every day, we bring contaminants into our homes – from our hands, clothing, and shoes. They are moved to handles, countertops, and floors. The Air Scrubber uses ACTIVE Pure® technology, which has been established to destroy to up 99% of all surface pollutants*. It also cleanses and cleans the air you’re breathing by reducing about 90% of airborne pollutants*.

The ACTIVE Pure® technology has been originating to be operative against norovirus, Swine Flu (H1N1), MRSA, E.coli, and other illness-causing bacteria and viruses.

Expelling Remaining Smells

Have you ever overcooked food and the odor remains in your home for hours and no matter what you try, you can’t get rid of the smell? With this device, you’ll be able to knowingly reduce odor. It can also diminish dust and pet dander.

Reduce Irritating Atoms

If you agonize from aversions, you know dust, mold, pollen, and other pollutants can reason prickly and watery eyes, sneezing, and lack of sleep. This device cleanses the air and decreases particles that can irritate allergies and asthma.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

By installing an Air Scrubber on your HVAC system, you’ll be serving to spread the life of your system and keep it running at the highest competence. Dirt, dust, and other wreckage are stuck before it enters the filter and possibly damages the coils and blower that keep your system running.

How Much Do They Cost?

Air scrubber system installations can cost anyplace from $1000 to $2000.

The final quantity that you would pay would be contingent on the size of your home and the difficulty of your HVAC system. However, add up the costs of not having an air scrubber and you may end up determining to get the installation done.

Though this might seem like large speculation, it can save you money in the long run. An air scrubber can help lessen things that can cost you later on down the line. Scrubbers can help reduce your HVAC upkeep costs, your electricity bills, and your medical bills. 

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