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AC Blowing Warm Air
After celebrating a fun-filled Independence Day, it’s clear that summer is in a full swipe. While barbecues and pool gatherings are great ways to enjoy the summer season, we all trust the comfort of our homes to deliver much-wanted respite from the heat. This is when we count on our air conditioners the most. This is also the hardest season for HVAC technicians.
Having air conditioner glitches during summertime is a knowledge you will never want to experience. If you live in Arizona, for example, the last thing you want while riding out the newest days of the year is to have your AC blowing warm air in the house in its place of the cool gust that you badly crave. With the temperature getting 110 degrees from June to August, you will certainly need your unit working and in tip-top condition. Inappropriately, this is a common airflow issue.
To dodge this awkwardness, it pays to know the usual reasons for air conditioner problems. There are easy steps you can take to stop these setbacks from trendy in your home or business space. Just like the other applications, your AC unit needs to be checked and frequently cleaned to evade issues. This way, you may never have to contract with an AC unit gusting warm air at the altitude of summer again.
Warm air approaching from your air conditioner on a moist day makes staying in your home simply intolerable. More often than not, the best way to solve this difficulty is to ask for help from an expert. Some of the problems in your AC unit can simply be solved. You may just have to change the air filters or hose down your outside unit. Others are more problematic to work out, like leaky ducts and swapping refrigerants.
Low Refrigerant Issue
One of the most mutual reasons for AC blowing warm air is low refrigerant. A refrigerant is important to preserve your unit’s best presentation. It is the fluid that engrosses heat and moisture from the air. If your AC is not cooling, it may be because the refrigerant is leaky and whatever is left is not sufficient to efficiently keep your home cool.
Inappropriately, fixing this is not as simple as swapping the refrigerant. Finding the leaks and mending holes can be time overwhelming and luxurious. If not punctually fixed, it may even cause injury to the compressor motor. Some of the tell-tale signs of a leaking refrigerant are mocking or sparkling noises and an accumulation of ice on the outside unit.
Solution: If you doubt that the low refrigerant in your AC is due to a drip, call your technician right away. A leaky refrigerant is a health and shelter hazard, so it is significant to have it secure as soon as conceivable.
Thermostat Setting Problems
If you notice your home AC gusting warm air, it may be due to hitches in the thermostat. This commonly occurs to old dial-type units when they are adjusted wrongly. If you still have the air conditioner physical, check if your thermostat situations are correct. If the problem continues, you may have your thermostat swapped or recalibrated. 
You can always do some troubleshooting to see if the settings in your thermostat are wrong. This works for both split and window AC. Turn the settings to “auto” mode in its place of “on” mode. This way, the fan will work only when the air is being air-conditioned. Also, double-check if you might have unintentionally flicked the thermostat to heat mode. This is a fault that is often overlooked.
Solution: Consider a programmable thermostat. Older control systems tend to break down easily. With a programmable one, you can keep the hotness inside your home reliable every time. Your energy savings will make the price of getting one worth it.
The Dirty Air Filters
This is the most mutual reason why your air conditioner is not chilling correctly. Clogged air filters can cause several problems in your unit. It can even delay how your thermostat works. If the strainer is dirty and unclean due to dust, the channel of cool and warm air inside the ducts is jammed. This then leads to the evaporator coils freezing, resultant in your house AC blowing warm air. This is why swapping your air conditioner filters frequently is such a significant feature of upkeep.
Solution: An AC unit running on clean filters can keep on working easily for a longer time. It can also lessen your energy costs. Clean or swap your dirty filters at least every three months or as needed.
The Evaporator Coils are frozen
Another reason for home AC blowing warm air is frozen evaporator coils. Filled with refrigerant, these coils act like a scrubber and soak up heat from the air. Without correct airflow, the evaporator gets too cold, after ice buildup. When this occurs, your unit will issue warm air, or sometimes no air at all. Significantly, warm air gets to socialize around the coils for them to work correctly.
Solution: Dirty air filters lead to dirty and frozen evaporator coils. However, while filters are easily sufficient to exchange by yourself, you need an AC professional to clean the coils. Do not make an effort to get rid of them, as they can simply be injured by improper handling.
The Condenser Coils are Dirty 
Your air conditioner’s condenser coils are accountable for eliminating heat from the air and ejecting it outside your house. As part of the outdoor unit, they are habitually uncovered to the elements and over time, dirt and filth accrue on the coils. This obstructs heat transmission. You will start noticing this with your AC blowing warm air in the house. The dirty coils put excessive strain on the entire unit, leading to amplified wear and tear on parts.
Solution: Clean the outdoor unit frequently to give your condenser plenty of room to breathe. Remove weed and wreckage surrounding the unit and hose it down to eliminate caked-up dirt. Do not forget to shut off the power earlier.
Problems with the Fan 
There are several details why the fans in your AC unit do not work correctly. It could be because of a defective motor, worn belts, or lack of lubrication. Dirt and wreckages can also cause glitches in the fans. If the fan, either on the indoor or outdoor unit, fails to work as it should, this will simplify poor airflow. This then mains to your AC blowing warm air in its place of the cool ones you expect. If deserted, fan problems may result in compressor disaster. 
Solution: Check if the fan motor has to be swapped or just needs a good cleaning. If it is still going, but with speed summary, call a professional provision person and have it checked. For dirty blades, you can clean away any wreckage and dirt using a void and a soft cloth.

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